Tiny life

Tiny life
I was dizzy and it was when I remembered the beginning of the night. I woke up with back pain. My mouth felt dry and had the guts riots. The food is no more what it use to be, many chemical additives are going to finish me off. The night crept through the curtains of the kitchen window, the night my partner, my accomplice. I remembered the last meal was rushed, tasteless, disgusting, just plastic with some flavor. I could feel the smell of something better, perhaps leftovers or perhaps something half cooked. Was it paste? I do not remember well but tasted better. Only available to see the flash of light behind me, a sudden hit in my back and the panting anger of the man. And I'm here with writhing legs and back, all dizzy, about to die. The last thing I hear is the shrill voice of the woman "disgusting ... a cockroach!"

Pues el "google translate" ayuda muchísimo para traducir. Esto solo requirió de unos pequeños arreglos y creo que está bien ¿que opinan? Leve por favor que no soy parlante nativo de inglés.


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